Marketing Management
Marketing knowledge is our recognized competency and is offered on the global market through all proposed services.

We basically propose two methodological and functional paths:

Molecular Marketing (MM) that refers to the creative systemic approach to strategic and operational marketing; it treats in an integrated way the innovation of single marketing elements, marketing processes and entire models. The book/e-book Molecular Marketing: Market Leadership Creative Modeling, written by Iveta Merlinova, is a referential text for this area. Molecular Marketing encompasses both strategic and operational activities.

Molecular Marketing Table of Elements [from Merlinova, I.: Molecular Marketing: Market Leadership Creative Modeling (Charleston: CINNAM, 2013)].

Marketing Model based Management (MMbM) that refers to the activity of managing and making decisions regarding the future direction of a business, processes, or business systems based on information obtained from marketing models. MMbM ensures completeness of solutions which are to be implemented, provides a stable reference point for more frequently changing planning or product portfolio development processes and gives the consistency and clarity to the internal and external communication and change management processes.

Especially positive results, concerning the introduction of Marketing Models as decision-making tools, are achieved in the following processes: Business Modeling, Strategic Business/Industrial Planning; Marketing and Commercial Planning; New Product and/or Service Development and Launch; Bidding and Contract Management; Brand Management; Customer Relationship and Experience Management; Change Management.

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