Experience Design
CINNAM puts together its competencies in design thinking, experiential marketing, service management, customer relationship management and system thinking for a long-lasting positive impact on the Clients’ positioning achieved through stakeholder journey management and an outstanding individual and collective brand experience.

CINNAM Experiential System is based on:

the vertical concept of service blueprinting and experiential dimensions (direct and remote interactions, visibility and others);
the horizontal journey integration (real-time activities, moments of truth, interaction places and others);
the transversal integration and continuous improvement of all Stakeholders’ experiences.

Our Experience Design practice is aimed at obtaining the harmony between the Clients’ internal and external environment, business development and an overall sustainable economic and brand equity growth.

The business is created, managed and developed by people. Customers and other stakeholders have a mind, a heart, a body and a soul; their experiences and memories are holistic, even though just precise and distinctive functional or rational benefits are offered.


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