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Strategic Management
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CINNAM is a management consulting company and a creative professional network focused on business innovation and sustainable market leadership enhancement.

We support our Clients in moments and phases such as strategic change and transformation, start-upping, new offer launching, stakeholder experience designing, and integrated service proposal development for private and public competitive tenders.

We assist our Clients within both content-oriented (i.e. innovation management, marketing modeling, business and commercial planning) and people-oriented (i.e. individual and team mentoring, change management, creativity empowerment) projects, interdependent, complementary and often combined together, with the aim at increasing the overall project efficiency, efficacy, sustainability and company welfare.

CINNAM Services include Strategic Advisory, Executive Mentoring, Interim Management, CINNAMONline support and Creative Making, applied separately or in a systemic multidisciplinary combination within the following professional areas: 
Strategic Management; Collaborative Innovation; Marketing Management; Experience Design; Service Bidding.

ALDEHYDE Molecular Business Systems® (ALDEHYDE MBS®) is a registered trademark and an umbrella brand for our original approach to business modeling and innovation process management on the international market. Our distinguishing competency is the ability to work within complex environments and to develop solutions based on creativity and collaborative processes in a short time.
We are agile, creative and consistent: alongside with content and management innovation go engineering and performance measurement, respecting people, society, nature and budgets.

We have a wealth of experience within industries such as facility management, health care, delivery and distribution services, automotive, industrial equipment manufacturing, fashion, design, food and others, as well as within the organizations and business schools like Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, MIP, Poli.Design, SAA, CFMT, FAI, IDI, just to mention a few of them. Companies, both in manufacturing and services, as well as networks and individuals benefit from our approach.

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